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"Beth Hoffman is an amazing woman. She worked tirelessly to find me a 30 year fixed rate mortgage in the thick of our troubling economic times. She was able to pull it off when the lenders were barely lending to anyone. When a lender would say no she would not quit and went the extra mile to find one that would work for me and my needs--all in a transitional time in my life. i credit her with literally saving me hundreds and hundreds of dollars each month with my new refi! i could not be more pleased with her service. Also-she imparts a sense of ease in the way she explains things. From the first minute i talked to her i immediately knew i was not getting the run around like some others i had talked with had given me. Also-once we found the lender the rest was a snap. When i went to sign the papers at the title company she advised me to use i found the same kind of no-nonsense people at that end as well. Seriously--look no further--call Beth now"

Todd Hido, Photographer

" Beth Hoffman takes what could be a nightmare - getting a home loan - and turns it into a dream come true. I had a lot of special worries as a self-employed homebuyer, and Beth's guidance was invaluable to me. I kept asking her 'when does the part come where I kick, scream and pull out my hair? But that part never came because Beth makes the whole process calm, cool, and civilized. I can't imagine applying for a loan without her. "

Susie Bright - Author www.susiebright.com

" Why would you use just any broker when you could use someone who understands your alternative family. Beth understands you, and she understands mortgages. It is true that buying a house can be confusing and frightening, but you can be sure that Beth will guide you through it with impressive skill. "

Sandra Marilyn and Joss Eldredge

" Thank You once again for advising and assisting me in my recent refi. I really can't thank you enough. I will most definitely refer anyone interested in refinancing or purchasing to you and your company. After working with different brokers, you are definitely a jewel and just wanted you to know how grateful and appreciative I am for your honesty and your patience throughout the entire process. "

Brenda Lee-Lewis

" We thought we would never be able to finance a house because of our rather moderate incomes. Alternative was the word that brought us to Beth. She made something real that had only been a very distant dream - home ownership. Her service gets 'Two Thumbs Up'. "

Roland Schembari and Fred Schadick

" In the 10 years I have worked with Beth I have found her clients to be the most informed, satisfied borrower's that I have encountered. This became very important to me when I needed to refinance. Being a very busy escrow officer, I didn't have the time to research lenders for the best loan. Beth took all the stress out of obtaining a loan. She kept me well informed throughout the entire transaction. I recommend her services to everyone. "

Becca Rollins - Escrow Officer/Client

" Alternative Mortgage Sources provides a mortgage lending resource that goes far beyond professional excellence. It provides a great mortgage broker (Beth) who genuinely understands the subtle complexities of alternative lifestyles and the related financial impact of any transaction. I recommend Beth Hoffman to all my friends and clients. "

Arlene K. Mose, CPA www.taxcrazy.com

" Beth didn't bat an eye when the three of us walked in seeking a mortgage. Throughout the process she answered our concerns - even the stupid ones - with patience, competence, and good grace. Ever since we got our mortgage, she has been totally available to answer questions. We feel now we have a friend in the mortgage business. "

Viki Maki

" When I was considering my first home purchase I was overwhelmed by the numbers. Beth was calm and clear, and immediately had a couple of options for me to select from. She was amazingly responsive to my numerous questions, phone calls and first time buyer jitters. That was 10 years ago. Last summer I was looking for an equity line of credit, and again, Beth came through instantly with multiple options. I've since redesigned her web site (she's also the ideal client) and would welcome any and all comments on your experience using it. "

Mary Baumgartner / Visual User Interface Designer www.msbdesign.com

" We were so impressed by Beth's efficiency, professionalism, and accessibility. We are very happy with the mortgage she set up for us. We will certainly recommend her to any friends of ours who are looking to buy a home."

Jan Steckel and Hew Wolff www.jansteckel.com

" Choosing Beth Hoffman to help me find a mortgage was the best decision I made when shopping for my new home. Beth is an expert! Not only did she find a mortgage that fits my needs, she walked me through the maze of terms and numbers, explaining what was happening every step of the way. Through the whole process, Beth was sensitive to the stress that comes with purchasing a home, and was reassuring and professional. I highly recommend Beth Hoffman - she is terrific! "

Karen L. Gee, Psychotherapist

" It is because of Beth Hoffman that my partner and I are about to celebrate the fifth anniversary of being in our wonderful home. Beth encouraged us to explore the possibility of owning our own home. At our first meeting we were preapproved to buy a home!! Beth was there every step of the way through the loan process, always returning our calls to answer our first time homebuyer questions through the close of escrow. She made a mystifying process go smoothly. Beth is responsible, knowledgeable, and fun to work with - she's the BEST!!! "

Carol Schlesinger and Susan Dolder

" Working with Beth is truly like working with a friend. She takes what can be an extremely frustrating and stressful event and makes it simple and painless. Alternative is also totally online, so even though it's a small business they have all the power of the big companies, and they're up on the latest information - which we think is pretty cool. "

Matt, Kim and Matthew Isola

" Beth has helped me with the purchase of two homes in the last 5 years. She always returns my call right away and answers my many questions in detail. I like being able to relax about the financing and know that Beth is looking out for me and getting me the best loan. "

Maria Sabatini

" 1) The dogs were tired of renting, and so were we. 2) Everyone we talked to said, "Go to Beth - she's really good." 3) She gave us great advice during the loan process, for example, "Remember to breathe . . ." "

Karen Ray and Sharon Newman


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